Housing Loan


Bringing Joy of Own Home

Avail Loan up to Rs.30 Lakhs.

No Pre-Payment /Pre-closure Penalty.

Low Processing Fee & No Hidden Charges.

Top-up Loan Facility Available.

  • Features
  • Eligibility
  • Documents Required
  • Loan Limit

     Maximum Upto Rs.30 Lakhs.

  • Repayment

    Maximum 240 months or till the retirement age if Salaried whichever is earlier.
    In case of Takeover loan Maximum repayment tenure till residual tenure of earlier sanction or actual whichever is less.

  • Pre-Payment Penalty


  • Rate of Interest

    10.00% p.a.*

  • Service Charges

    Applicable from time to time.

  • Margin

     Applicable from time to time.

  • Hassle-free Mortgage

Your Dream House becomes reality Get Housing Loans for New House Puchase, Repairing of New / Old House, Construction of New House.

  • For Salaried Persons :

    Employees of reputed and financially sound organization.
    Minimum Gross take home salary of INR.11,000/- per month.

  • For Businessmen & Professionals :

    Business should have establishment of minimum of 3 years.
    Farmer or Agriculturist must have Income Certificate from Govt. Recogized Gazetted Official.

  • Co-Applicant :

    Co-Owners of dwelling unit must be taken as Co-applicant.
    Spouse / Parents of the applicant other than Co-owners can be taken as Co-applicant.

  • Guarantors :

    Two Acceptable Guarantors

  • Share Membership :

    Borrower & Co-Borrower : Regular Membership @ 2.5% of loan amount (Refundable at the time of Loan closure).
    Guarantors : Nominal membership ( Applicable from time to time.)

  • Duly filled form with :

    Income Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).
    Residential Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).
    Property Documents ( PR Card, 7/12, Corporation Tax Receipt, Estimate, Sanctioned Map, Property Papers).
    PAN Card of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).
    KYC of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s).

  • Prime Security :

    Dwelling Unit/s under construction / ready possession to be purchased.

  • Two Acceptable :

    Guarantors and Security holders to be also taken as guarantors.

  • Other Charges :

    One Upfront EMI, Stamp Duty Charges, CERSAI, CIBIL, Filing Mortgage, Insurance of property, Legal charges etc.
    * For more information Contact to the Nearest Brach


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